Posted on Friday, June 24th, 2011

Take Your Dog To Work Day 2011

Take your dog to work day

Are you tired of working like a dog? According to a study by Central Michigan University, simply the presence of a dog in the workplace improves collaboration and leads to a more productive office environment.

If the idea sounds too good to be true, today is your chance to test the theory… It’s Take Your Dog to Work Day! The annual tribute to our favorite furry friends was started by Pet Sitters International, and has been celebrated since 1999. At Hartz, we definitely support their vision of showing the value of pets in the workplace, even if just for a day as you can see by the pictures of some of our favorite pups at the office.

If you’re participating, we’d love to hear about your four-legged Friday experience! Feel free to share your stories and photos with us on Facebook and Twitter. If you happened to miss out, you can also always participate by organizing a fundraiser for your local shelter or rescue group.