Posted on Friday, February 22nd, 2013

The Unexpected Benefits of Owning a Dog


While people definitely seek out pet dogs for specific reasons – whether as guard animals or as therapy dogs – most of us adopt our dogs just because we enjoy the love and companionship. While that should be enough on its own, dog ownership is actually filled with less obvious benefits and quirks. From your health to your love life, you might be surprised at the ways dogs help us live better lives. Consider these points.

Safety – Let’s say you’ve got the friendliest Black Labrador Retriever – the kind of dog that just loves everyone instantly. While he or she wouldn’t make for a prime guard dog, the very presence of a pet that size or an intimidating bark can be more than enough to put off many would-be burglars and improves your safety when you’re out for a nighttime walk, no matter what neighborhood you live in.

Health – Study after study has shown that pets are good for your health. On a very basic level, taking your dog for walks gets you out the door and moving. More subtly, the soothing presence of an animal in the household can have a dramatic effect on regulating blood pressure. It’s not surprising, either. Just thinking about the last time you hung out with a loveable dog is sure to make you smile!

Social life – When people meet for the first time, one of the most popular types of common ground they find is dogs. Whether they have one now, had one as a child, or just love to peruse Top Cutest Puppies lists on BuzzFeed.com, there’s an immediate topic to enjoy. And there’s no overstating the social benefits of dog parks, either. Consider how popular these places can be and how much fun both you and your pet are having there, playing ball and chatting with other owners. In fact, for some dog lovers, it can be better than a singles’ mixer or online dating!

Romance – Plenty of dog people seek out compatible dog people when they’re looking for relationships, so why not skip the extraneous small stuff and cut to the chase by talking to that cute guy or gal at the dog park? After all, you’ve got the most adorable icebreaker on four legs!

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