Posted on Tuesday, December 18th, 2012

Top 5 Games to Enjoy With Your Dog on a Rainy Day

Photo Credit: TheGiantVermin via Flickr
Photo Credit: TheGiantVermin via Flickr

Now that we’re into the holiday season, it can be difficult to keep up with your dog’s regular fitness regimen. With fewer opportunities to enjoy the great outdoors and being confined inside of your home due to frigid temperatures, you may have to get a bit creative to get your dog up and moving. By understanding dog play behaviors, you can use a variety of dog toys and interactive games that can keep your companion fit throughout the winter.

1. Hide and seek – If you’re going to be heading out to do errands, hide and seek is a great way for your dog to get a bit of mental and physical stimulation, reports DogChannel.com. Put your dog in his or her kennel and then hide a few treats around the house. Put a few in plain sight, as well as others underneath tables and chairs that your dog can enjoy throughout the day.

2. An indoor agility course – Cardboard boxes, broom handles and chairs are great options when trying to create an indoor agility course. Take advantage of an open space like your basement and create small jumps and places where your dog will have to crawl through. This is a wonderful way to help your dog burn off a bit of that pent-up energy!

3. Treat-filled toys – If your dog is a bit hyper after one of these games, give him or her a chance to calm down with a treat-filled toy, suggests DogSter.com. These items are great for relieving boredom and your dog will work hard to get every last bit of his or her treat out of the toy.

4. Tug-of-war – This game is perfect to get your dog up and moving, and is ideal for those who live in small urban apartments without a lot of room to spare. Incorporating a game of fetch into your tug-of-war could help you double the amount of exercise your dog receives during the activity.

5. An indoor rally course – Much like an agility course, using small cones or anything else you have lying around the house can help you create a course that will get your dog moving. Use treats to guide your dog throughout the course and then see how quickly you and your pet can get through it before he or she can receive a reward.

If your pet is a furry feline, then check out our past blog post on indoor games that can get your cat up and moving on a rainy day. This content is provided by the pet experts at Hartz. Before you invest in a new chew toy, biscuit or treat for your companion, turn to us for top-of-the-line advice and tips.