Posted on Monday, January 14th, 2013

Turning Tragedy into Triumph for Animals in Need!


Two days shy of Stevie Nelson’s fifth birthday, his best FURiends, his beloved Labrador Retrievers, Bo and Luke, went missing (March 14, 2010). Devastated by this family tragedy, Stevie’s only fifth birthday wish was to have his beloved boys come back home. Unfortunately, that was a wish his parents were unable to grant. Life changed for Stevie from that day forward. He thinks about what could have happened to Bo & Luke and prays that they are ok.  After seeing a Public Service Announcement for the ASPCA at Christmas time that same year, Sarah McLaughlan’s sad, sad song, “Angel” inspired Stevie to want to help more animals feel loved. It was SO important to Stevie that his “furry friends” without FURever homes feel loved, that he decided to dedicate his sixth birthday to helping local animals in need. Stevie realized at nearly six years old, that though he may never see his boys again, he can make a difference for animals in need and honor Bo & Luke by doing so.

Stevie’s 6th Birthday Wish was to raise $6,000 in monetary donations and enough toys, treats, food and collars to “fill our truck full”….all to benefit the Northeast Nebraska Humane Society and their foster care pets. On March 26, 2011, Stevie hosted his 6th Birthday Party. His invitations asked party goers to NOT bring gifts for him, but to bring any items that could benefit the homeless animals in need.  Stevie knew that lots of homeless pets go without squeak toys, treats and love. It was his mission to change that. “Because all animals need love..”

In just two months, Stevie raised $25,778.19 in monetary donations and over $6,000 in product donations. By the end of 2011, that number had skyrocketed to over $38,600 in monetary donations for NENEHS. In addition to both monetary and product donations, Stevie also brought awareness for a much needed shelter in Northeast Nebraska, as well as raising awareness for the need of Foster Care Families for his “furry friends”.

Stay tuned for part 2 of Stevie Nelson’s inspiring story.