Posted on Wednesday, July 17th, 2013

West Coast Dog Destinations

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California is a dog-friendly state in general, which is probably why the West Coast is so often cited as a vacation destination for families traveling with pets. If you’re looking to get away and enjoy the dog beaches of Southern California or some of Oregon’s quirkier locales, don’t miss these four iconic dog-loving cities!

1. Palm Springs, Calif. This desert town is famous for its otherworldly vistas and lively downtown stretch. Fun bars, great golf courses and gorgeous sunsets complement the Martian-like landscape. While temperatures can reach the 100s in summer, Palm Springs generally enjoys beautiful weather and clear skies. You and your dog can visit dog parks, swing by Hair of the Dog pub and enjoy hanging out with other pet lovers at the local dog parks.

2. San Diego, Calif. San Diego isn’t just dog-friendly – this beloved oasis is perfect for everyone. With temperatures that rarely vary beyond the high 70s or low 80s year-round, uninterrupted sunny weather and stunning beaches, who wouldn’t want to visit? Luckily for dog owners, San Diego also hosts numerous dog parks and a slew of pet-friendly bars and shops.

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 3. Long Beach, Calif. Los Angeles itself has plenty of love for dogs of all kinds, but it’s this Pacific coast city in the southern corner of LA county that’s not only home to the Most Beautiful Bulldog Competition but also hosts two dog parades annually: Easter and Howl O’ween! Top Tenz also reported that Long Beach has numerous dog-friendly restaurants and bars that vacationers can stop by with their pets.

4. Portland, Ore. Portland has a reputation as one of the most exciting and artsy cities on the West Coast – and that’s saying something. It’s also a dog-loving metropolis, with regular dog parades, tons of dog parks and restaurants that will gladly welcome your pooch along with you. The city even has a website devoted to doggy happenings around town! You’ll find plenty of dog-friendly housing options. Don’t forget, if you need some tips for travel planning with your pet, Hartz has you covered. From car safety to vacation checklists, you can find all the info you need before hitting up great destinations with your family and furry pal. This content post is provided by the pet experts at Hartz.