Posted on Friday, March 2nd, 2012

Why Companies Should Say Yes to the Pets!

Dog in the office

It is hard for many pet owners to leave their pals at home all day as they are gone for work. Luckily for them, an increasing number of companies are adopting year-round “pets welcome” policies. Almost one in five companies in the United States now allow pets in the workplace.  This makes up around 17% of all companies! The others haven’t yet realized the benefits this policy could have for both the company and the pet’s health.

Allowing pets in the office is a unique way a company can differentiate themselves from the others. Having a pets-allowed policy can lower stress and boost morale among employees, making it not only an employee benefit but a powerful tool that comes at little or no cost. It sends a positive message about the company: if you care about their pets, then you care about the people. Even big companies like Google allow dogs on its main campus of over 7,000 employees. They say “It’s always been a part of our culture—that work/life balance—since we started as a company 12 years ago.”

The American Pet Products Manufacturers Association surveyed 50 small and large companies, including law firms, Internet sales companies, and retail shops across the United States, that allow pets into the workplace. They found out that those with pets had lower absenteeism rates and employees who were more willing to work overtime. Another survey conducted by Simply Hired and Dogster.com found that many dog owners would take a 5 percent cut in pay if they could take their pet to work.

Many pet owners find relief in such policies when it comes to taking care of their pet. If they have to work late or a have a vet appointment, they don’t have to stress out! Pets in the workplace ensure a healthier pet and a healthier pet owner.

The American Humane Association highlights this list as some of the benefits of pets in the workplace.

  • Staff morale and worker productivity increased
  • Increased camaraderie among employees
  • Happier employees result in enhanced job performance
  • Increase in sales reported by store owners
  • Dogs could serve as a crime deterrent

Does your workplace allow pets? If so, how do you think it impacts the work environment? If your company doesn’t have any pet policies, remember that June 22 is “Take Your Dog to Work Day.” Sounds like a great opportunity to introduce Fido to the office!