Posted on Wednesday, August 15th, 2012

Wollie Travels 6 Miles from a Shelter to Reunite with his Family


Cats are known for some pretty amazing feats of endurance or simply beating the odds, but in the case of the three-year-old cat Wollie, it was all about making it back to a great situation. According to the New York Daily News, Bedford, New Hampshire, resident Barbara Oliphant began caring for a black neighborhood cat over the past summer by providing food, water, and attention. As a stray, Wollie looked malnourished and needed all the help he could get, but Oliphant was unable to continue caring for her feline friend after her husband suffered a stroke. Feeling like she had no other option, Oliphant brought the cat to her local rescue group which began the amazing story of his escape!

After hearing the news that Barbara had dropped off the cat at the shelter, her daughter decided that she wanted to do something meaningful for her mother. With Barbara’s husband out of the hospital, her daughter decided to adopt Wollie as a means of surprising her mother. Unfortunately, the cat escaped in the parking lot and Barbara’s daughter’s plan was all for naught. According to MSNBC.com, three days after Wollie’s escape, Barbara spotted the cat strolling across the road near her home, and then immediately came over and met up with his old caretaker. Barbara was obviously very confused, as she had no idea that Wollie had managed to escape the shelter. The cat managed to travel a distance of 6.7 miles from the animal welfare facility to the Oliphant’s home, and knew his old owner immediately. “The cat obviously knew where his home was and wanted to get back there as soon as he could,” Laura Montenegro, spokesperson for the Animal Rescue League of New Hampshire, told the news source. After Wollie’s amazing show of dedication, the Oliphants have decided to keep the cat and give him the life he always dreamed of.

Wollie was able to find his home based solely on the bond that had been developed between him and his caretakers, which gave him the drive to get home where he belonged. The Oliphants should be more than able to handle all of Wollie’s animal wellness needs and the cat has truly found a good situation that will keep him around for many years to come.

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