Posted on Monday, January 5th, 2015

A few words from celebrities, CEOs and their dogs

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From the Hollywood Hills to the Windy City come a few tales of the most-watched people and their much-loved pets.

Chicago is populated with dogs that do important things like sniffing out drugs and making kids happy, but the four-footed friends of CEOs do more than you might imagine. Recently, some of the city’s most influential people shared their moments with Chicago Business.

Early illness made her ditzy
Retired Executive Vice President of Exelon Corp. and University of Illinois trustee Pamela Strobel owns and loves a 6-year-old yellow Lab named Charley.

As a puppy, Charley fought off a bout of meningitis, but Strobel confided that the illness left Charley – as friends call her – the “Ruth Buzzi of dogs,'”

“But she has this face that melts people’s hearts,” she said.

Scooter, the cheese connoisseur
In a house full of executives, there’s sure to be a gourmet, like Scooter, an 8-year-old English bulldog who wears Pendleton and Burberry coats and steals cheese.

Owned by John Lahey, chairman of Solomon Cordwell Buenz, and Deborah Lahey, CEO of the Chicago Academy of Sciences, Scooter saw her chance and took it. The couple had invited friends over and decided to let Scooter enjoy the party. Before long, she’d removed a large wedge of cheese and swallowed it whole.

Max, the “fraidy cat”
Elaine Hodgson, president and CEO of Incredible Technologies, bought Max, an 8-year-old Border collie, as a birthday gift for her daughter when he was just a puppy.

All grown up now, Max had what Hodgson calls “curious encounters” with other animals. The pet’s Border collie instincts tell him to herd the Hodgson’s two cats, but he gives them a wide berth.

“They hiss at him when he walks by,” she said. “He is definitely ruled by the cats.”

Animal Planet looked to Tinseltown, where actors and actresses share the limelight with their precious best friends.

Best man, canine-style
The best man at Adam Sandler’s 2003 wedding was an English bulldog named Meatball, looking smart and handsome in his tux and yarmulke. The wacky comic first met his future best man while working on the film Little Nicky with Meatball’s father, Mr. Beefy.

Sadly, Meatball has since passed away, but Sandler has found another Bulldog to share his life: Matzoball.

Dognapped and home safe
Paris Hilton may own one of the most famous four-footed hostages in history.

Her little Chihuahua named Tinkerbell, herself the star of The Tinkerbell Hilton Diaries, was kidnapped and held for ransom after Hilton’s apartment was broken into in 2004.Luckily, Tinkerbell was returned safely after Hilton paid a $5,000 ransom.

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