Posted on Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

Your Pee is Stinky!


At Hartz we know you love your cat. We also know that every cat parent faces the same problem: his pee is stinky. No one wants that smell sticking around, but no matter how hard you try to mask that distinctive stink, it cannot be hidden. That apple spice candle only adds a layer to the smell, opening the windows only works during the summer, and plugging your nose is such a hassle.

Does this problem sound familiar to you? Have you lost friends/senses/dignity because of stinky pee? If so, we want to hear from you. Upload a photo to our “Your Pee is Stinky” Facebook tab, and tell us why your cat’s pee is especially stinky. Fans will vote for their favorite, and the winner will receive a gift pack from Hartz, which will include our Nodor™ litter spray.  See official contest rules on the contest tab.

Nodor™ is a proprietary formula with technology that encapsulates odor molecules to eliminate the smell—not just mask it. Want a home that is inviting without the smell of cat pee? Nodor™ is your answer.

Go to our Nodor™ tab for more information about this product.